Jumper R8 R1 Plus R1F Receiver 16CH Sbus for Frsky T16 Pro plus D16 D8 Mode Radio Remote R8 Only for PIX PX4 APM flight Control

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R8 R1 Plus R1F Receiver
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Remote Controller
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Product Description

R8 receiver Details :

The R8 receiver is the first receiver that can directly transmit the PIX and PX4 flight control data (TX, RX) to the remote control of the world, and can display the flight control data to the remote control through the APM script!

Since then, don’t have to install additional converters for getting data back from PIX, PX4.

The items(R8 was updated,Pls know that It is now Dual antenna and The measured distance increased from 2km to 5km)

Number of channels: 8ch (PWM) / 16ch (SBUS)
RSSI (Signal Strength Indication) output: PWM
Operating voltage range: 4.0~8.4V
Operating current range: 100mA@5V
Effective distance: full distance (>2.0km)

D8 mode
D16 mode

– More channels: 1-8 channels from traditional channel output, 1-16 channels from SBUS port
– RSSI output: analog voltage output (03.3V)
– Two-way full duplex transmission (Telemetry)
Weight: 10g
With RSSI output: analog voltage output (03.3V)

Pair code method:
1. Press the bind button on the receiver, red/green LED solid on
2. On radio side, select Frsky D16 protocol (T12/T16: Multi Frsky D16);
3.When Red LED is flashing, binding succeeded.
4. After binding, withdraw the binding mode and power up the receiver again. Green Led turns solid on.

LED color description.
(The green light is always on: the signal is good; the green light is blinking: the signal is bad; the red light is always on: the signal is lost)

YOUTUBE: //youtu.be/BYaqQdHxf7o

Jumper R1 receiver Details :

It is compatible with all devices using the Frisky D16 mode, with integrated redundancy, telemetry and smart port enable, and the IPEX connector makes it easier to replace the antenna.
Technical Parameters:
Number of channels: 16ch (SBUS)
RSSI (Signal Strength Indication) output: 0-3.3v
Data return: S.port
Operating voltage range: 4.0~6V
Operating current range: 80mA@5V
Effective distance: full distance (>1.5km)
Compatibility: D16 mode FrSky Taranis D16 Mode
Volume: 20*15*4mm (without antenna)
Weight: <2g

Bind mode:
Press and hold the receiver's frequency button, turn on the power, the red and green lights are always on, and the receiver enters the frequency mode. The remote control turns on the frequency.
The receiver is successfully paired and the green light flashes slowly. The remote control exits the frequency, the receiver is powered back on, and the green light is on. When the receiver loses its signal, the red light is on.

The Jumper R1F receiver is compatible with all devices,Using the Frsky D16 mode, with integrated redundancy, telemetry and smart port enable, and the IPEX connector makes it easier to replace the antenna,

Technical Parameters:

Operating voltage range:4.0-6v operating current range:<20mah@5v Effective distance:2.6km@100m(height)

Compatibility: D16 mode Frsky Volume:21*15.5*4.7mm(without antenna)

Weight:<1.8g(without cable) Connect the R1F F. port to the S. bus of the filght control.

When you adjust the fligth control parameters, open the F. port, you will have fun with full duplex transmission immediately.

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I am very satisfied, so I ordered several, this is my fourth. A top receiver that can do everything and is also very cheap. With my Radiomaster TX16S, which supports multimode, I can bind almost any receiver, of course also this Jumper R8, everything works without problems at the first go.

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incredible inexpensive and versatile receivers

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