With Connectify; Turn your laptop PC with Windows 7 in Hotspot WiFi


If you are often on the road, you know the difficulty in obtaining Internet access. You can connect to the Web using a Wi-Fi hotspot in your hotel, coffee shop or airport. In most cases, you have to pay a little, or you can connect to a mobile broadband network using a 3G card or a USB Wi-Fi.

But what about your mobile phone or the Nintendo DS type portable game console or Sony PSP, you may carry with you? They too have the capacity to connect to Wi-Fi.

Save you effort and money the next time you’re traveling, whether for business or leisure.We’ll show you how to share the Internet connection of a laptop running Windows 7, with so many Wi-Fi devices as you want, for free!

Connectify is key!

Whether you want to save money or need to quickly set up a wireless network with clients or friends, there is a very easy to use and free tool called Connectify. It creates a Wi-Fi network and sharing your Internet connection, that it comes with a 3G card, a cable modem (via LAN), or even another Wi-Fi network.

Connectify has one drawback; is that it only works with Windows 7, because it is based on a deeply hidden technology of the operating system that does not exist in Windows XP or Vista.We always hope that their developers find a way to make it compatible, we cross our fingers and often visit their website ( http://www.connectify.me/ ) and their website to check for updates!

How to configure your home Wi-Fi network on the move:

1. Download and install Connectify via the secure site:

download here

2. Once installed, open Connectify by clicking on the little icon. At first startup, you have a very easy to use the wizard. Click “Next” and select the Wi-Fi device you want to use to share your Internet connection. If you only have one wireless card on your laptop, this screen is not displayed, and you go to Step 3!

Note: Some cards may not allow both connecting to a Wi-Fi network (at home, at work or in a public place) and share the same time connection. If this is the case, you’ll need a USB Wi-Fi adapter.

3. Click “Next” and enter the name of the wireless access point you want to create. This will be the name that your friends or colleagues will want to see when they connect. For example Sharing Wi-Fi.

4. Then select “hotspot mode”. If your Wi-Fi is able to share the same Wi-Fi for Internet access and for Connectify hotspot functionality, make sure that “Access Point WPA2-PSK” is selected. If you want to set another level of security (for compatibility reasons), then the internet will come from another source, such as a 3G card, a cable modem or a LAN connection.

5. Enter a password to protect your personal Wi-Fi hotspot, and click “Next” again. The next step of the wizard is crucial; Connectify will now ask you the Internet connection you want to share. We will choose the same as we defined at the beginning, but you can also choose a USB adapter that you use for travel.

6. That’s it! Click “Finish,” and in a few seconds, you will be able to connect all your devices to Wi-Fi hotspot for your laptop.

Note: If other devices, older, can not connect to your hotspot, it is possible that it is because they do not support the security standard WPA2-PSK . Of course, another standard could be used but we do not recommend setting a new level of security.

It’s so easy! We use Connectify all the time when we go. This is one of the tops for PC users who travel a lot and do not want to stress out trying to get individual connections for all of their mobile devices tools.


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