Add social networking accounts and your RSS feed with wisestamp

We will present you a very useful tool in your professional exchanges.

You probably send a lot of emails every day. Each email sent can become an opportunity to redirect your receiver to your blog, your social networking accounts … The goal: to communicate on your online presence and retain your recipients by offering them the possibility to easily subscribe to your accounts.

Cert section will present the approach to creating an email signature with 2.0 WiseStamp.

WiseStamp is a plugin that allows you to customize your signature by attaching many elements, namely, your brand logo but also a whole bunch of “social icons” who return to the page of social networks that you want to highlight. So far, simply tell me. Well, the sequel is even simpler!

How to use WiseStamp?

After duly downloaded your plugin to this address and you allow access to your browser. You will be able to put frankly!

WiseStamp is used for Gmail addresses through a Firefox or Google Chrome plugin.

Bottom right browser vote is the following icon:


After clicking on it will launch the plugin in question WiseStamp which is as follows.


Start by following the step 1, namely to create an account. Once done you can turn to design your signature.Within the framework provided for this purpose (see Step 2 corp of text), you can write your signature the way you like it



You can see how my signature is constructed and the results that it can give in your Gmail.



Simplicity is the golden rule, the information must be instantly readable.

Here therefore nothing new since built his body text in the same way as words or any other text editor.

Customize signature from A to Z

Now on to what interests us, customizing itself to our signature!


This is the lower part that concerns us (the Frame 2). It is here that we can attach icons on social networks in our email.

Three tabs up this part Apps Email, IM, and Social Icon Icons that allow everyone to do specific things.

– In the Email Apps tab, you can add a dynamic application (RSS feed, latest tweets from voting, sharing music or upcoming events).

– The Social Icons tab allows you to add icons to your referring pages of social networks, to feed aggregator (eg Netvibes) to videos and much more.

– Finally, the IM icons tab to include instant messaging options such as Skype, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger in your signature.

Above this writing, frame is a tab (Box 1) where you can decide what type of signature it is. So you can create a personal and professional (Personal or Business). This way you can adjust your signature quickly depending on the type of mail you write.

Above the frame 1 is the settings icon just below the name of the software.

Several things to remember in this section:

– Click on it and on the General tab uncheck “Keep WiseStamp credit in the signature” for not having the “powered by signing WiseStamp” at the end of each signature. We are here to have more professional not to 


– In the Default Signature tab, you can choose which type of signature associated with each type of email (new, reply, forward …).

– Finally, in the “Account” section you can change your login or password.

Be careful however to make an appropriate choice as the icons and option you want to include at the end of each email. It would be stupid to do too much with an overloaded signature content and poorly organized. Here are some examples of signatures performed under WiseStamp.

Below the signature that I achieved in a very short time:


You decide what is the best presentation for your business and yourself!



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    (August 14, 2016 - 8:07 am)

    Thanks for this great post about WiseStamp!

    • gyoby

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      you are welcome

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