How to find a wifi password in Windows 10


Windows 10 like previous versions of the system has the ability to remember the WIFI password after the first connection to a wireless network. Since Windows 8 system even keeps some passwords between installations.



It can sometimes be useful to have access to registered WiFi passwords. For example, if you use a password to enter complicated and noted behind a box or email it to enter more easily on a smartphone, tablet or another computer. Or just because you forgot it. To access to where you stored the password.


Before connecting to the WiFi network concerned then go to the Windows settings in the section Network & Internet 



At the WiFi tab in the associated parameters click on “Change adapter options“:


Note that it is also possible to access this page using the old Control Panel via the parameters of the network and sharing center the map.
Right-click on your wireless connection> Status


A new window opens displaying the status of the WiFi connection. Click “Wireless Properties“:


This triggers the display of a new window. Select the “Security” tab and check “Show characters“. The password is displayed.


It is a pity not to use this trick for the networks to which it is connected. To find the wireless network passwords stored without being connected to it, you can use a dedicated software: WiFi password revealer . But be careful when installing uncheck the installation proposals potentially unwanted adware (Custom Install).



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