How to download videos with video downloadhelper firefox browser

How to work with video DownloadHelper

One of the interesting things offered is net videos (music, news, documentaries, etc). And more interesting still able to download and keep these videos on his computer.Video DownloadHelper Firefox is a plugin that is used to extract videos and images online.

The small icon plugin is on the left of the browser and when it detects a video on a site visited, the icon is animated and the user only has to click on it. With the number of videos you want to download on the Net, we must use powerful download tools such as Video DownloadHelper, Internet Download Manager, etc. This is an extension for Firefox to capture videos and images directly to the browser.


This plugin is very interesting because it allows downloading multiple sites. It is not limited only to popular sites video broadcast online such as YouTube , MySpace or Dailymotion, but also the majority of sites with multimedia content, which makes him a very interesting tool. We can also manage the history, set the minimum size of movies to download and much more.

To install the plugin in your browser visit Video Download Helper click on the Add to Firefox button, wait a few seconds and a Video DownloadHelper icon will appear in the right corner of your browser.




To start, go to the website where you want to upload a video. For example, I am going on the popular YouTube site, then I will choose a random video. DownloadHelper icon becomes colorful and animated when the video is detected.

To record the video, you must click on the small arrow just to the right of the small colored icon as below:




Then, as you can see above, I have the choice to download the video in MP4, 3GPP and between several definitions (Medium, 360P, …). Then appears a menu with several services as below then you click Download or Quick download also you can choose the different options do you want :






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