Using your webcam to create a home surveillance system


If you are suspicious that somebody’s messing with your stuff, but no idea of who is or has enough evidence to accuse someone, you know it would be wonderful to create a homemade internal surveillance system to keep an eye in your room while you are away from home.

So take this step by step Baixaki Portal to learn how to create a network of guarded protection for cameras! It is controlled by a simple software, but very complete and can provide great results.


No need for large resources to the creation of the monitoring system, all the user needs to create the mechanism is a webcam and a video capture software. With this tutorial, i will teache you to use Vitamin D Video software to take care of their property.

Download Vitamin D here

Adding cameras to the system

Once installed the software, the user can start using it. Connect the webcam to the PC and install the device before starting the capture program for the first time. Only after you have installed all the capture devices is that it is indicated the use of Vitamin D Video.

The first step to being taken is the addition of the camera to the Vitamin D. System To do this simply click on the “Tools” button (Tools) and then “Add camera”. This opens a new window with the choice of camera options. Select your camera in “Camera Type” and then click “Next” to move forward.


The sequential display will show the image being captured by the camera at that particular time, in real time. If the image appears, then you can click “Next” again so that you can continue the settings.


“Camera location” is a field for you to put a name on the captured scenes. For example, if the camera is in the kitchen indicated is that the name “kitchen” is applied, and so on. That done, click “Next” and then “Finish”.

Finished the camera location settings, it is time to also hit the recordings to be made by Vitamin D. Of course, you can order them as constant and uninterrupted, but is indicated, especially for users who do not have a HD dedicated to the service, which are made some adjustments.



Configuring recordings

Initially, it is necessary to establish a routine event for activating the camera and recordings. Clicking on the “People inside my region in NAME CAMERA” button and then on “Edit rule”, you are directed to new screen options.

In “Look for” (Search by) you can choose between persons (People) or objects (Any object). If the person is selected, only humans activate the recording of Vitamin D. It if released to any object, all actively captured motion recording. There is also the option “Ignore smaller objects” so that a minimum size of objects for activation is established.


“That are” enables a host of other conditional settings for recordings. “Moving objects that are”: “Anywhere” .

creating conditions for the movement of objects that are in camera range area is permitted. Creating a region access, you delimit the device is activated when someone or something enters or leaves the specified area. You can also define a port to be used based.


The second set of rules to be established is related to system usage period. The options are “Everyday”, “Weekdays” , “Weekends” and “Custom” – that can be selected days of the week or weekend .


Then just choose the times. There is the option 24 hours a day, which works uninterruptedly; or can be certain custom schedules, for it is necessary to establish an activation and deactivation another.

Time to check what was recorded

Clicking on the magnifying glass button on the top of the interface you can watch all the videos that were stored by Vitamin D. They are divided into capture sources and recording date.


A configuration that must be made is related to the storage period and also to the maximum space that videos can take up disk. “Tools” and then “Options” will appear the following: “To store video, do not use more than X GB”  and “temporarily keep all videos for up to X days “.

And for professional results?

Of course, these steps are for those who want to make a really home surveillance system. If you want to create central cameras using professional security devices is best suited, connected TV capture cards and dedicated servers to be able to store more smoothly video time.


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