The lifetime of CD and DVD disc


With the CD and DVD, the optical disc recordable and rewritable today is the most practical support, most economical and most universal to save your documents, music, videos, and digital photographs.


100 years or 2 years?

At the beginning of blank CDs and DVDs, manufacturers have all announced for this support lasts a hundred years. Small pancakes become the ideal storage media: cheap, readable everywhere and almost unalterable. Perfect for storing all your memories for years.

Today we know that a CD or DVD burned will never last 100 years and it was as marketing arguments. But how many really tough time a CD or DVD?


A study by IBM in early 2006 showed that the lifetime of CDs and DVDs burned were 2 to 5 years, depending on the quality of the media. This time, however, is relative because the study was to promote the tape as a backup medium, an area where IBM is particularly productive.

The organic layer: the weak link

Nevertheless, it is a fact, burned CDs / DVDs do not last as long as the CD / DVD pressed Trade Blame the organic layer CD / DVD blanks that tend to deteriorate faster with time .

The longevity of CD / DVD engraved depends on the media type and its conditions of use. Here is an estimate of the lifetime of a CD / DVD depending on the type of substrate used in the layer which are engraved the data:

  • blue substrate: 5 to 7 years
  • Substrate based on silver: 6 to 8 years
  • gold-based substrate: 8 to 10 years

For important data, so prefer blank media with a gold-based substrate such as Gold PRO Studio MITSUI 12x, CD-R Gold Ultima Kodak or DVD + R Memorex Pro Gold Archival of.

Important: Lifetime and burning speed
important If with the first CD burners, the etch rate could influence the quality of engraving and therefore the life of the CD, this is not the case with current drives. Whether you are ready to burn your CD at 52x or 4x, its life will be exactly the same.

Optimize the duration of its CD / DVD

You can maximize the lifetime of your CD / DVD burned by following these recommendations:

  • Keep your media in a box, away from the air, from a source of heat and light.
  • Use a felt special CD / DVD writing on discs.
  • Do not place your fingers over the engraved surface. The acidity of your fingers can attack the protective layer and make your playable disc.

Avoid Data Loss

Finally, to avoid losing our data, we recommend:

  • In addition to storing your data on CD or DVD, keep a copy on a hard drive. An external hard drive to back up your data can be a solution.
  • Make a new copy of your CDs and DVDs important (your artwork, photos, and videos) every 5 years.


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