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Hard drives (also known as HDD) are the components of the computer, which allows you to store your digital data and well on your operating system. This data can be kept (save) or permanently delete, unlike RAM which it disappears each time you restart your PC.

Standard hard drives

ATA hard drive
This type of connection and more commonly called IDE hard drive, it connects with a round table with a connector on each IDE aside. This standard uses a parallel transmission mode. This is the kind of disc, but it begins to be changed. Indeed for some time the discs are becoming faster in transfer speed (higher frequency), which means you have to have a connection with the following is accepted for transfer rate. For this mode of parallel transmission is not expected to withstand high frequencies, due to electromagnetic interference between the different son (66/100/133 Mbit / s). This is why a new standard has been growing.


SCSI hard drive
While this type of hard drive that distinguishes their connections and their transfer speed, because this type of connection provides a faster connection than the IDE (ATA hard drive). But the problem is that it is useful to add a specific SCSI card to connect the hard drive. This card does this connect to a PCI port of the computer. This type of connection attempts to disappear for hard drives in favor of SATA.
S-ATA drive

The standard Serial ATA is a bus standard for connecting high-speed storage devices on the PC computer (high frequency). This standard ATA is based on serial communication. A data channel is used for transmitting data and another channel is used to transmit acknowledgments.
This type of hard disks allows for an order transfer speeds of 187.5 MB / s (1.5 Gbps), but each byte is transmitted using a start bit and one stop bit, or so a theoretical throughput of 150 MB / s (1.2 Gbps). Since may one other S-ATA standard is output called S-ATA II, expected him to have a throughput of around 375 MB / s (3 Gbps) or 300 MB / s theoretical useful, and usually ultimately is expected to reach 750 MB / s (6 Gbps) or 600 MB / s theoretical helpful. The connection to connect this type of hard drive can measure up to 1 meter long. As there is a small number of a son in this duct which allows for greater flexibility and better air circulation in the housing bare fingers, the IDE cable. Which strongly characterizes this type of hard drive compared as IDE, is that each Serial ATA device is alone on each cable and it is not necessary to define “master peripherals” and “slave devices”. Furthermore, this type of standard allows a hot connection, unlike the ATA.


Format hard drives

3.5 “Internal Hard Drive
Internal hard drives 3.5 “are often used for desktop computers or data servers. These drives have a larger footprint than the 2.5” drives but the advantage of less heat and be more resistant in time. Furthermore, this type of hard drive is much cheaper. The 3.5 “available in IDE or SATA connection.
Hard disk 2.5 “internal

Hard drives type 2.5 “unlike its counterpart have 3.5” less clutter power. Indeed this type of disc is most often used for laptops or cases of external hard drives since they are much smaller and therefore meets the requirements of a mobile computer that is lightweight and portable. These discs have the disadvantage of being more expensive and more fragile over time.
These drives are usually SATA connection standard, but also to the IDE existing format.
Moreover, these drives have usually a lower operating speed than the 3.5 “. In fact, we often find 2.5″ hard drives with an operating speed of 5200 rev / min in contrast to the 3.5 ” it is generally at 7200 r / min. This price difference is indeed hard drives 2.5 “7200 towers still outrageous.

Hard disk 3.5 “or 2.5” external

One external hard drive calls a housing having a type of hard disk 2.5 “or 3.5” and connecting through a USB or Ethernet interface on a laptop or desktop (sets), a TV a stereo. ..
The external hard drive has increasingly democratized the market. Indeed this type of drive is often used for backup of personal data. It has the advantage of being transportable anywhere and interconnected on a computer very easily. so take this personal data remains protected and easily be outside the operating system.

Most often we find an external hard drive with the size to 3.5 “but more and more external housing has disk type 2.5” allows to lighten and reduce its size and easy transport.
One can find three external disk categories which are:

  • Multimedia external hard drive for storing data type videos, photos, music used to be plugged into a TV device type, HiFi or other and can be driven via a remote control. We thus find a VCR-like operation or DVD player. With the advantage of integrating all this data without having to take the CD or DVD.


  • External hard drive backup, for storing any type of data. It is most often connect to a laptop or desktop. It aims to save the data to the shelter of a computer malfunction and also be able to take them where you want.

dd_externe_35                               dd_externe_25

                                      External Hard Drive 3.5 ”                                External Hard Drive 2.5 “
  • External hard drive or NAS server, allowing to safely store personal data via a computer network. Indeed this type of goal to drive to expand the storage capacity of a computer network and thus to the data available to all persons having access to the server via a home or business network. The advantage of this drive is to access that data from anywhere in the world without having to take his or her hard drive. Indeed this type of disc allows it to connect to it via a secure Internet connection (HTTP or FTP protocol). This type of external hard drive tends to democratize our day because of its ease of installation and of these many benefits.


Rotation speed

You should know that choosing a hard drive it from doing certain parameter, as the connection type etc. But be aware that there are different types of hard disk rotational speed. So always try to use the hard disk with a speed of the fastest rotation. At present, there are four rotational speeds in revolutions / minute or RPPM.

  • 4500 rev / min
  • 5200 rev / min
  • 7200 rev / min
  • 10000 revolutions / minute

So always check this parameter before buying a hard drive, since it allows to multiply by 2.5 times the speed of access to the drive and the speed of work (reading and writing). You will be much more so please and would use the power of your PC to have a full level with a fast hard drive.


Storage capacity

At present, there are different storage sizes for hard disks. Allan from 40 GB to 2 TB. The storage size to store more or fewer data. That is to say that you will store much more with a 200GB disk with a disk of 40 GB.
But be careful you should know that the PC that is about 2 years of age can not accept all of the hard disks, depending on the speed of your processor and the version of your bios. So for example, for a 750 MHz processor, so you will want to install a hard drive of 120 GB, you will need to perform an update for your bios. If your PC will not recognize it.

Leading manufacturers

manufacturers Connections
WESTERN DIGITAL http://www.wdc.com
HITACHI http://www.hitachi.com
IBM http://www.fr.ibm.com
MAXTOR http://www.maxtor.com
SEAGATE http://www.seagate.com
QUANTUM http://www.quantum.com
FUJITSU http://www.fujitsu.com


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