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Want to play with your PC but your computer especially your graphics card are they strong en The majority of recent 3D games indeed require a large processing capacity.To test your equipment and check that will allow you to play smoothly with the latest games trade, you can use a utility like 3DMark benchmark.




  • Download 3DMark06 by clicking the Download link from one of the mirror sites. Follow the instructions to download the software. Please note the download file is quite heavy: no less than 585 MB!
  • Then install 3DMark06 by double-clicking the downloaded file and following the instructions on the screen.


  • Once the installation is complete, run the program by double-clicking on its icon on the desktop.


  • Let the counter reach 0 and click the Continue button to use the free version of the software.


  • Click the Run button to start the 3DMark tests.


  • Various activities that can last several minutes are displayed to test the performance of your computer. If the animations are sometimes slow, this is normal, these tests are designed to overload the graphics cards of 3D objects and effects of all kinds.


  • Once testing is complete, you get a score corresponding to the performance of your system, 5042 in our case.


  • Depending on your score, your hardware is more or less suitable for games. Here is an estimate of the significance of the scores.
Score Meaning
Score <2000 Your equipment is outdated and does not allow you to play the latest games decently.To take advantage, you need to update your hardware (memory, processor, graphics card)
2000 <score <5000 Your material still holds up but begins to falter. Allow replacement of your graphics card to a higher model within 6 months.
Score> 5000 Your equipment is doing very well. You can use the latest games without any worry.


  • This information is of course purely indicative. Some games, better programmed than others will have less trouble passing on small configurations. The ideal to get an idea of a game on your equipment is to test before buying.


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