How to recover deleted files


Need to recover deleted files do not happen to others. These are the vagaries of computing. It does not happen often but it is true when it happens the question arises as to how. There are a slew of software but which is easier to use and especially the most effective? There is a well whose name often comes up and it’s not for nothing. This is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free . It comes in different versions as needed: free and a paid (Professional), or as the PC or Mac system.

This data recovery software allows the user to retrieve various types of important files such as emails, videos, documents, photos, and audio. It is a toolkit that provides the ability to recover your lost data in a few clicks. It’s easy to use, intuitive and therefore convenient. Although the software runs at a speed quite good, it is to underestimate depending on the speed of your processor and disk size as you explore.

The benefits of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Best data recovery software

It is recognized by experts as one of the best free tools for file recovery .
It provides the ability to recover lost data from a variety of media: hard disk, USB drive, memory card, mobile phone, camera, external hard drive and other storage devices. The causes of the data loss may be multiple: deletion or accidental formatting, a virus that destroys files, a software program or hardware.And all without having to pay extra fees to recover your data.


influential characteristics of the data recovery

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free has two modes of analysis. The quick scan to quickly find deleted files and thorough scan to recover lost files, formatted or inaccessible. It is possible to analyze pause and resume later. The results of the analysis can be saved and imported back to resume the process where you left off without having to start over.


Preview before recovery

The user has the option to specify the types of files to recover before starting the scanning process in order to obtain accurate search results.

You can add additional search filters in addition to the file type, such as name, date, etc. it’s very convenient to locate files saving time and effort. Not to mention you also have the option to preview files to verify the details and quality of recoverable files before deciding to finally recover.


Safe and easy to use :

This software is a safe and easy way to recover lost data. We can start perfectly with the software because it is not necessary to have prior experience in data recovery. It comes with a friendly and intuitive interface for the user which makes the recovery process even easier.

Just follow the three basic steps to recover lost files and data. In addition, this software is 100% safe because it is so that no damage is caused to your device and does not overwrite your data.



free or paid version?

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can be used free. However, using the free version of this software you will be limited to 2 GB of data recovered.

So if you find that this data recovery software is the tool you need and want to recover data beyond the prescribed limit, then, in that case, you can opt for the version EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional . And while the Professional version of the software is a paid version, it works the same way, therefore has the same advantages, but there are no restrictions on the amount of data recovery.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a powerful tool to recover lost or deleted files. It provides many data recovery features to its users. In addition, this reliable software data recovery can be tested free of charge which is worth trying. Then, download the software today and start finding out.


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