computer components

introduction To better understand the operation of a computer, because you will never be an opportunity to open your case, we invite you to a visit inside the beast. Here are the main computer components of your computer and the role they have.   1- The motherboard Rarely put forward, the board plays a fundamental […]

Intel vs AMD: Why the price differs

How can your explain the price difference between the Intel and AMD? the price difference can be explained to the AMD advantage of the simple fact that Intel processors are much more efficient and equal frequency generation. Historically AMD processors have long targeted the entry level, which is sufficient for most PC users.But there are […]

Connect two PCs by cable to transfer data

You might especially need this procedure if one of both PC you want to connect does not have a wireless connection system and if you do not have either an external storage device at hand. For this, the only equipment needed is an Ethernet network cable RJ45, like the one that connects your PC to […]

USB password protected (OS X)

Preface OS X El Capitan lets you format a USB memory stick so that its contents are encrypted. You’ll need to enter a password whenever it’s inserted. Essentially this turns any USB stick into an ultra-secure portable file storage device, of the type often sold at a premium. However, bear in mind that the memory […]

How to configure USB modem in Ubuntu

Preface Given the speed and virus-free environment offered by Linux distributions, many users are switching to Linux from Windows these days. Out of the several Linux variants available to a user, Ubuntu has seen wide adoption rates in India. Soon after installing any operating system a user’s first activity would be to configure internet connection! […]