MemTest – diagnose your memory module

There is three software to make a diagnosis of its RAM memory modules: Memtest86 +(recommended), operating from a device (CD, USB, Floppy Disk), Memtest86 (obsolete) or MemTest, running from Windows.

Memtest86 +

Memtest86 + is an open source software that boots from a standalone device. So it can run on any operating system. It allows to thoroughly test its memory modules. The results of Memtest86 + are easy to analyze:

  • If the start screen retains the same table after at least one complete pass, it is estimated that memory is healthy:


  • If the red lines were added, your memory is faulty:
  • In rare cases, you may have the message “Unexpected Interrupt – Halting” as shown in the red box in the image below, signifying an error in the test. You need in this case again completely analysis to ensure that the RAM is healthy:


Note that this tool (and others) are available on a free bootable CD:
Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) or Linux CD like Ubuntu .

Tester from CDs

Tester from a USB key

  • Beforehand, it is necessary that:
    • Your USB drive is bootable.
    • Your motherboard supports booting from USB.
  • Insert the USB stick.
  • Download Memtest86 + Auto-installer for USB Key (Win 9x / 2k / XP / 7) on the official website .
  • Unzip the file memtest86 +.
  • Run Memtest86 + 4.10 USB Installer.exe.
  • The license appears, click I Agree.
  • In Select your USB Flash Drive, choose the letter of your USB key. Be careful to choose the right partition.
  • Check the field (Recommended) to format the key in FAT32 (all data will be erased).
  • Click Create.
  • Click Next and then Finish, your bootable USB key is created.
  • Change the boot order computer to boot from the USB drive.

Tester from a floppy disk

You can test your RAM with an internal disk or USB drive.

  • Insert the disk in the drive.
  • Download Memtest86 + re-Compiled package for Floppy (DOS – Win) on the official website .
  • Unzip the file memtest86 +.
  • Go to the folder memtest86 + -4.10.floppy / floppy and run install.bat.
  • A DOS window appears. Enter the letter of the floppy drive (A or B).
  • Press Enter twice. The disk is formatted (all data is erased).
  • Change the boot order computer to boot from the floppy.


Memtest86 is an obsolete version of Memtest86 +. It is no longer developed since January 2009 (using Memtest86 +, preferably).

  • The procedure for CDs and boot disks is identical to Memtest86 and Memtest86 +.


The free version of the software allows MemTest test its RAM from Windows.
It is very easy to use but seems less effective than Memtest86 +, since it only tests the unused windows memory.
It is particularly useful to ensure the stability of the RAM after tests of overclocking the processor, without having to restart the computer.

  • Download MemTest .
  • Unzip the file
  • Run Memtest.exe.
  • Close all programs running on Windows to free the memory used.
  • The Welcome window appears. Click OK:


  • Click Start Testing:


  • A warning window appears. Click OK:


  • The number of errors is displayed directly in the software window:


  • Let it run without touching the computer for at least twenty minutes.

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