Intel vs AMD: Why the price differs

How can your explain the price difference between the Intel and AMD?


the price difference can be explained to the AMD advantage of the simple fact that Intel processors are much more efficient and equal frequency generation.

Historically AMD processors have long targeted the entry level, which is sufficient for most PC users.But there are tasks that lead smelters as Intel or AMD to always offer more powerful processors, and that game is that Intel puts more money in research and development and thus offers the products more efficient.

So for all those who need raw power, whether, for video processing, 3D, or game, Intel processors are more expensive but they are much more suitable.

AMD and Intel, how to choose:


In high-end, for the moment, nobody is able to match the performance of an Intel Core i7. But everyone does not necessarily not need so much power, and budgets can not afford an i7. So when choosing a processor for the machine, you have to take into account certain factors.

First, we must understand what we are buying because there are lots of microprocessors models. The main factors to take into account are the frequency, architecture, and cache. The frequency expressed in GHz is the “speed” of the processor, which determines the number of tasks they can perform in a second. The architecture, the number of cores, and finally, the cache is a fast memory used for tasks that come back often.



It is therefore not possible to compare two only on the frequency processors since other factors are crucial to performance. Thus, an AMD processor may be more effective than Intel with lower characteristics. We must not forget that the processor is not the only item that will do well to turn a PC, a good processor misconfiguration will not be used much.

At the similar performance, Intel remains more expensive than AMD, is that the price difference is justified for the end user? The opinion on the matter is fairly shared.


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