GIF animation maker from a webcam


You certainly know the animated GIF files, small animations obtained from a succession of images in GIF format. You can find all over the Internet: Forums for smileys, avatars for, for pubs, …

To customize your website or your contributions on the Internet, you can create your own animated GIF from your images. So if you have a webcam, the free Webcam to GIF allows you to simply create a small animation from images captured through the webcam.


To stay light, your animations may not contain more than 5-6 images. Attention also to dimensional images and their quality can greatly influence the final weight of your animation. Never mind, Webcam to GIF allows you to precisely adjust all these elements to obtain a GIF animation adapted to the use you want to do.



It’ll just plug in your webcam and follow the guide to make small funny animations to customize your emails, your blog, your website, your contributions on social sites or forums, etc.

Capture images with a webcam

Webcam to GIF requires the Adobe AIR platform to run. You can download both applications for free from the Adobe website.

1. In your Web browser, visit the make a gif website.


2. Click allow webcam and close

3. Click capture0006 multiple time to create your GIF by taking multiple pictures.


4. click continue

5. give a name to your GIF and click CREATE A GIF


6. Wait a moment.


7. make sure that you choose GIF after that click download (red arrow) and save your GIF file.





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