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When I used Lotus Notes to Office or Outlook , I had the option of whether my message sent by email was opened and read by my recipient. But most free email services (such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo) do not offer Email read notification. But I recommend the service .

How does it operate this feature?

ReadNotify monitors your emails and sends you a proof of receipt and one of his message playback. You will get the time of shipment, the opening and the geolocation of your recipient when he opened your message.The confirmation also contains several useful information such as the number of seconds that the message has been read, if links were clicked in the message, Internet browser, IP address and Internet provider.

This service is easy to use and works seamlessly. Simply add the suffix after the recipient’s email address. When your recipient email, your recipient will never see this suffix will ship immediately and (unknowingly) a confirmation of opening and reading. It is also possible to program your email software to the suffix is added to systematically sending all your emails.

ReadNotify also offers a feature that can prevent printing and copy of the email text service that I have not tested. I have not tried the functionality to self-destruct an email as soon reading completed, the closure of the message. You can decide whether the monitoring ReadNotify is transparent to the recipient or “invisible.”

Messages are stored on servers ReadNotify and will be followed up if your message is forwarded to other recipients, or re-read several times. You will receive at that time the address of the recipient as well as geolocation and all other basic information. If your message is read back several weeks later, you will again receive a read receipt.


Why use a read confirmation service?

Here are some reasons that would justify the use of such a service:

  • To ensure that an official dispatch to a government official (or important) has been received
  • To ensure that a colleague or a good recipient read your messages
  • In case you are organizing a group meeting, to ensure that all have received your invitation.
  • If you are unsure of the exact address of a recipient, or even check his mailbox is still functioning.

The disadvantages

  • Many email services, including Lotus Notes, gives you the ability to block this type of confirmation. So never assume that the person has not opened his message if it uses this kind of software.
  • Geolocation is often deficient because email servers are mostly located in large centers time and not where are located the users of these servers.
  • Many people find that using this feature is invasive and attack the right of the recipient’s privacy. By cons, this technique is used for many years by advertisers who send you emails which you subscribe (or not), and no one has ever complained about this situation.
  • It is not possible to subscribe and pay monthly (except for the advanced package). If you no longer want their services, be sure to unsubscribe if billing will be done automatically at the end of each period.
  • Many users complain that it is impossible to contact their customer service located in Australia.Personally, I have never needed to contact them, since everything has always worked well.

And how much does that cost?

You can test the service for free with 25 emails. Then it will cost US $ 24 per year for the basic service or $ 36 for all features. At $ 24 or $ 36 per year, you are limited to sending emails 2000 per year (equivalent to 38 per week or 5 per day). If you exceed this quota, you can pay $ 4 per month for 350 emails (about 11 per day).


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