Logic gates

Basic logic gates This digital electronics course will focus on the easiest logic gates. There are in all 4 gates to know because it is essential to be able to then understand the most sophisticated gates. YES gate NAND AND gate OR gate YES gate This is the most basic gate that is, and also the […]

Kirchhoff’s laws

introduction Kirchhoff’s laws are physical properties that apply to electrical circuits. These laws are named after the German physicist Gustav Kirchhoff who established them in 1845. Both Kirchhoff’s laws are: The Current law The Voltage law The purpose of these laws is to mathematically express the conservation of energy in an electric circuit. The current law and […]

Ohm’s law

introduction Ohm’s law is a very important physical law in the electrical field. This law connects three elements: the value of resistance (in ohms), the current flowing through it (in amps) and the voltage across its terminals (in volts). The three elements are represented by the letters U, R and I: U: voltage across the […]