Manage a LED matrix with Arduino

Objectives and analysis of operation The project involves the management of a matrix of LED 8X8 based Arduino using the circuit MAX7219CNG . The electronic project uses a bookseller for the management of the circuit MAX7219CNG with SPI link. This mini project highlighted the use of the bookseller with other secondary functions (shift, conversion, …). […]

Logic gates

Basic logic gates This digital electronics course will focus on the easiest logic gates. There are in all 4 gates to know because it is essential to be able to then understand the most sophisticated gates. YES gate NAND AND gate OR gate YES gate This is the most basic gate that is, and also the […]

Kirchhoff’s laws

introduction Kirchhoff’s laws are physical properties that apply to electrical circuits. These laws are named after the German physicist Gustav Kirchhoff who established them in 1845. Both Kirchhoff’s laws are: The Current law The Voltage law The purpose of these laws is to mathematically express the conservation of energy in an electric circuit. The current law and […]

Ohm’s law

introduction Ohm’s law is a very important physical law in the electrical field. This law connects three elements: the value of resistance (in ohms), the current flowing through it (in amps) and the voltage across its terminals (in volts). The three elements are represented by the letters U, R and I: U: voltage across the […]

Correction tone (Bass – Mid – Treble)

Presentation The tone control Bass Mid Treble referred to herein based on the use of an integrated circuit OPA ( Operational Amplifier ) twice LM358 type, which can be replaced by a TL072, TL082 or an NE5532. The mounting supply is a simple type (not symmetrical), the value must be between 12 V and 18 […]

Microphone preamplifier

Presentation This assembly is a double preamp, perfectly suited for a stereo microphone. It is based on the use of an integrated circuit type LM381, which includes two preamps in the same case (14 pin) and which has good performance alone, mostly in terms of background noise. Datasheet (technical document) the manufacturer does not provide […]

Twilight switch

Presentation of Twilight switch Another assembly that allows lighting a lamp at the dusk. It works in all or nothing, that is, the transition between the light bulb and bulb off is sudden and not gradual. Albeit by reading a little more … scheme No integrated circuit only the transistors, a power Darlington able drive a […]

Toggle Switches function

Description The “Memory Function” is a more understandable term meaning toggle, rocker RS in our case. The concept of the RS flip-flops is shown in this tutorial.     The purpose of this arrangement is to introduce how to achieve another wired logic, ie with only the wire and core electrical components. Diagram Explanation What should […]

Three Arduino projects for beginners

what’s Arduino: Arduino is a single-board microcontroller which is considered as the integrated platform easier to use. This is a free material technology (Open source) associated with a programming language and integrated development platform (IDE). To support additional functions (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, XBEE, motor control, etc.), various extensions known by the name Arduino kit can be […]