Connect two PCs by cable to transfer data

You might especially need this procedure if one of both PC you want to connect does not have a wireless connection system and if you do not have either an external storage device at hand.

For this, the only equipment needed is an Ethernet network cable RJ45, like the one that connects your PC to your Internet box, for example. Long it took that cable is a cross type, but now, with newer PCs with Gigabit Ethernet cards is not worth a single cable right enough.

Step 1: Check the working groups

Click the right mouse button on the Computer icon (Windows 7) or This PC (Windows 10) the desktop and select Properties. Check in the window that appears, on your two computers, the working group is called the same way, for example, WORKGROUP. If this were not the case, click the Change settings link and click the Edit button to rename the working groups.

Step 2: Connect the PC

Connect one end of the network cable to the Ethernet jack on your PC first and do the same on the other PC with the second end.

Step 3: Turn on network discovery

On each PC, we will now force the “discovery” of the new network created between your two computers.

For this, Windows 7, open the Control Panel double-clicking its desktop icon or via Start talking and click Network and Internet menu and then click Network and Sharing Center.

With Windows 10, click the Start button and select Settings. In the window that appears, click Network and Internet and then Network and Sharing Center.

Then click Change advanced sharing settings and check while in the sections Network discovery, File and Printer Sharing and Connections HomeGroup, and the Enable and Authorized the buttons are activated.


Step 4: Configure the Network

Then return to the Network and Sharing Center and click Local Area Connection (Windows 7) or Ethernet (Windows 10). In the window that appears, click Properties and then double-click Internet Protocol Version 4 online to select Use the following IP address with the address for the first PC and for the second. Each time, the subnet mask automatically appears.Check the box Validate the settings by leaving then click OK and Close.

Step 5: Use the Shared Folders

Now your two computers are connected directly over Ethernet network and can exchange files. Open a window of Windows Explorer and click Network. Both your PC appear and provide access to their shared folders via the User folder. Use them to drag files from one to the other.

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