Which format and compression software to choose?

Introduction When you send files attached to emails, they can be long enough to send and receive callers if the files size is quite big. To expedite their shipment, you can compress your files. With various compression software algorithms and rules of cuts, it is possible to greatly reduce the weight of a file. Creating […]

How to find a wifi password in Windows 10

Introduction: Windows 10 like previous versions of the system has the ability to remember the WIFI password after the first connection to a wireless network. Since Windows 8 system even keeps some passwords between installations.     It can sometimes be useful to have access to registered WiFi passwords. For example, if you use a […]

What file format for your photos?

Three file formats are now mainly used in digital photography: JPEG, TIFF and RAW. It is not necessarily clear which is the best, everyone has its advantages and disadvantages. Do you want to focus the weight of the image quality, portability, freedom of editing? Depending on your needs and your equipment, a particular file format […]