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To better understand the operation of a computer, because you will never be an opportunity to open your case, we invite you to a visit inside the beast. Here are the main computer components of your computer and the role they have.



1- The motherboard

Rarely put forward, the board plays a fundamental role in the structure of computers. It was she who welcomes all the internal components of your computer (processor, memory, …) and manages the various interfaces with interieur_pc_02pyour devices: taking to the internal components and USB ports for external devices.



2- The processor

Often described as the brain of the computer, the processor can manipulate and process data provided to it. His interieur_pc_03ppower has an influence on the speed of execution of your software and your transactions.



3- RAM

CPU working partner, RAM temporarily stores data to be processed by the processor. Thus, the more of free memory, plus it is possible to store data temporarily (which prevents access to the hard disk that is slower).
The RAM is cleared each shutdown or restarts your computer.interieur_pc_04p



4- The hard drive

Unlike RAM, the data stored on a hard drive are permanent and are not deleted at shutdown your computer. So on a hard drive that your operating system (Windows), software and documents are kept. It is a permanent storage space, where you can copy and delete data at will.interieur_pc_05p



5- power supply

The power’s role is to ensure the supply of electricity to all the components of your computer. This is an important element because the delivered tensions should remain stable even when power is requested.interieur_pc_06p



6- The graphics card

The graphics card can handle and display on a screen the data from your computer. The latest graphics cards have specialized processors in the handling of 3D data. The graphics card can be a chip embedded on the motherboardinterieur_pc_07p (usually this kind of chip enables simple treatments) or a separate card (allows more advanced treatments).



7- The reader / writer

A DVD drive allows you to read data that are on CD and DVD (games, software, photos). In its drive function, in addition to reading the data, it can store files on CD and DVD (music, movies, photos, backups) to free up space on your hard drive.interieur_pc_08p



8- The sound card

The sound card can manage inputs (microphone, line) and output (to the speakers) from your computer. It includes a processor responsible for all digital sound processing. The sound card can be a chip embedded in the motherboard or a separate card.interieur_pc_09p




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