How to boost and amplify sound on your computer

Today you will discover how to boost and amplify sound and audio on your computer in Windows, and increase high beyond the limits! In fact, the bass sound problem lies for years, and still no free solutions … I found a lot of people offering to buy external speakers blast, saying that there are no solutions for this… You’ll see the solution that works and amplifies the sound to 400% on Windows. Not to mention other programs Let’s go!


1. How to increase the sound on Windows 7

Before you begin, please increase the maximum to see the difference after using this trick.

  • Click on the Volume icon in the system tray
  • Click on the speaker icon on the sound mixer popup
  • Click Mixer
  • Select Enhancements from the opened windows


  • Check Loudness Equalization from the list and click OK

2. How to use DFX to enhance the sound of Windows Media Player

DFX is a plugin to make unprecedented changes on the sound coming from a music player, the famous DFX walking with several other readers that Windows media player … Like the Real Player or Winamp. Remember to increase the sound, before installing the DFX …


You can download the plugin DFX for Windows Media Player by ICI .

After downloading, simply double-click the downloaded file to begin installation … Follow the procedure as usual … Next> Next> …> Install> Finish. Open an MP3 file from your Windows Media Player, the DFX will start automatically and will ask for your email address, do not put anything …



Good ! Here is a screenshot:


You can increase the sound using the software interface, but the problem is that it is not free in its entirety … The old version was free

There you go !

If it helped you boost your computer’s audio, do not hesitate to post a comment thank you for helping me write more tutorials.




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