Top 10 best external hard drives 2.5-inch

Easy to transport, these portable hard drives offer storage capacity of 120 GB to 4 TB and good performance thanks to their USB 3.0 interface. For all its files always at hand, the simplest solution is to store them on a portable external drive. 2.5-inch format, they offer much more capacity than a regular USB […]

10 Foods For The Brain

Introduction The intelligence and memory do not feed as teaching or training is also on the plate that is played brain health. If a balanced diet is a cornerstone, optimize some of our contributions can act on our mental functions and our learning ability.   1. Carbohydrates with a low glycemic index   The brain […]

14 foods that can protect your heart !

introduction Some foods have the power to protect the heart! Some lower cholesterol levels, limit the risk of hypertension or prevent arteries from clogging as effectively as medication … Fifteen food to put on the menu!   The almonds heir virtues in adults eat about 30 grams of almonds per day causes a 13 to […]

Manage a LED matrix with Arduino

Objectives and analysis of operation The project involves the management of a matrix of LED 8X8 based Arduino using the circuit MAX7219CNG . The electronic project uses a bookseller for the management of the circuit MAX7219CNG with SPI link. This mini project highlighted the use of the bookseller with other secondary functions (shift, conversion, …). […]

Top 10: Best Hybrid Cameras (September 2016)

Hybrids continue to eclipse the reflex: for beginners they are smaller, more ergonomic and versatile. Many experts / pros are sometimes more efficient and lighter. Here’s our selection of the best models tested by the editor …   Also called “Compact System Camera”, “CSC” , “ILC” (Interchangeable Lens Camera) or “mirrorless” hybrid, as it is […]

Extract audio from video

preface You recovered a video and you want to extract a piece or all of its soundtrack? You can easily achieve this with the freePazera Free Audio Extractor. Pazera Free Audio Extractor supports most popular video formats: AVI, FLV, MP4, MPG, MOV, 3GP, WMV and you can get audio files to MP3, AAC, AC3, WMA, […]

GIF animation maker from a webcam

Introduction You certainly know the animated GIF files, small animations obtained from a succession of images in GIF format. You can find all over the Internet: Forums for smileys, avatars for, for pubs, … To customize your website or your contributions on the Internet, you can create your own animated GIF from your images. So […]

Top 10: Best Bluetooth headsets (October 2016)

  Bluetooth headsets are now offering quality sound, thanks to optimizations made to the wireless connection in recent years. Here are the ten best models according to the tests of lab The headphones of your smartphone or your tablet do not suit you?Replace with a real helmet! And if you do not want to […]

Logic gates

Basic logic gates This digital electronics course will focus on the easiest logic gates. There are in all 4 gates to know because it is essential to be able to then understand the most sophisticated gates. YES gate NAND AND gate OR gate YES gate This is the most basic gate that is, and also the […]