Automatically download your series on OSMC Sickrage by installing on your Raspberry Pi


More with OSMC, add and manage subtitles and with OSMC OpenSubtitles

There are sometimes, we introduced the media center OSMC, specifically,how to install it on your Raspberry Pi ! As some we have noted, in this article, we are only talking about installing OSMC.
So today we will go further to make your media-center OSMC even better by adding the subtitle support with OpenSubtitles!

This article was done with the help of Francois L, an avid reader, and hacks Raspberry Pi.
He was amused to write a complete tutorial on OSMC for his friends. Now he wants to share his work.

The prerequisites for using OSMC

As we said at the beginning, we have already written an article we encourage you to read in order to get a loan OSMC media-center to use for your Raspberry Pi.
As a reminder to install OSMC correctly, you will need a minimum of 3 Raspberry Pi , which will be coupled to a power supply , and must have a microSD card on which will be installed OSMC.

From here, we will assume that you have already installed OSMC on your Raspberry Pi.
In addition, we recommend using the applications’ Yates “or” Kore “. These applications manage OSMC from your phone or tablet, turning them into a kind of remote controls, allowing you to launch a movie or series from your couch!

OpenSubtitles, the ultimate tool for your Raspberry Pi

If like us, you’re a movie buff or a sériephile, you can certainly not wait for the English version of your favorite series or movie, for fear of being spoiled.
The only solution is to retrieve the file in the original language then search through all the good translation sites subtitle, in the right language!
Unfortunately, it is often complicated and time to find English subtitles and add them to your video.
The tool we will present will save you a lot of time looking for a translation.Indeed, OpenSubTitle automatically finds the subtitle for the video that you have launched, thanks to a large database.

Establish OpenSubtitles on OSMC

To implement OpenSubtitles, we can go through the graphical interface, which will greatly facilitate handling!
OpenSubtitles is an add-on available in the repositories provided by OSMC, so we’ll just get to the menu « Paramètre » .
After the search, select « Extensions » and then « Install from a repository » .
We will use the deposits Kodi to find the right package, so choose « Kodi add-on repositoty » .
The deposit is in the category « Subtitle » , select « » .
Once the installation is complete, a message on the bottom right will inform you that the add-on has been activated.

OpenSubtitles configuration for Raspberry Pi

Once this is done, we will configure OpenSubtitles for Retrieving subtitles or in the desired language (s).
For this, we will return to « Parameter » , but this time, it is the category « video » of interest.
This is in part « Subtitle » we can make the configuration OpenSubtitles.
Select « Languages for subtitles download » .
This section allows you to select different desired languages. After selecting the language, you can validate your choice via the button « Ok » on the right!
Also in this section, go to « predefined service for TV series » , and select « » . Do the same for movies.
OpenSubtitle is now configured, ready to use for your movie sessions!

Add subtitles to a video on OSMC

Now that OpenSubtitle OSMC is installed on and configured, we can use it to add subtitles to a video on your media center.
For this, you need to go to a video and start playing.
After starting the media, you have access to the controller (Play, Pause, Stop) video. You’ll see a new button has appeared. This selects the desired subtitle from a more or less significant list of subtitles!

If you choose a subtitle that is not synchronized with the film or episode, two methods available to you.
You can simply select another subtitle, or you can manually adjust the delay via an option located in the part subtitle.

You now have all the turnkey to enjoy a fresh film or the latest episode of your series, while the original version, accompanied by good subtitles.

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