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To adjust the Internet traffic of the software you use and thus giving more priority to a particular software, you can use the free NetBalancer. You will be able to limit the bandwidth of software that you leave running in the background, like a download manager or a P2P software and provide more bandwidth to your web browser to continue surfing on the Internet comfortably. NetBalancer even lets you adjust the following priority upload (sending data) and download (download data).

Note that the free version of NetBalancer allows you to set the priority in sending and receiving 5 software, which is more than enough. In addition, you will have to turn to the commercial version of the software which costs about $25.


Download and install NetBalancer

NetBalancer is a free software you can download from official website

1- Visit the NetBalancer on the official website.

2- Click the link Download.


3- Click the Save button.

4- Choose a folder to save the installation file NetBalancer in such Downloads folder and click Save.

5- Once the download is complete, click the Run button.

6- In the wizard that opens, click the Next button.


7- Select I accept the agreement and click Next.

8- Click Next 4 times then Install.

9- Windows warning. Click Install this driver software anyway.


10- Finally, click the Finish button.


Limit or boost the bandwidth of software

NetBalancer has loaded automatically when Windows starts.

1- Its icon in the notification area give you a real-time view of network traffic.


2- Double click on the list of running processes (currently running programs and services) is displayed.


3- For each process, the current speed download and upload is displayed.


4- Note the Path field which gives you the full path of the process and therefore an indication of the exact name of the corresponding software.


5- Click the right mouse button on the software process greedy bandwidth limit that you want and choose to lower its priority download (download) and upload by clicking Low.


6- To set a speed limit is not exceeded, click Limit.


7- then set the maximum transfer rate that this application can not exceed.


8- The bandwidth of this application is automatically adapted.


9- To prohibit the downloading and sending information over the Internet software, click the right mouse button on the process and choose the Block of Download and Upload topics.


10- To give more priority to software, compared to other programs launched by default with normal priority and those for which you have declined the priority (for Low), click the right mouse button and click High.


11- Note that your settings will be retained after the restart your computer and will therefore always active.


Some tips to best use NetBalancer

Here are some tips to best use NetBalancer to adjust the priority of your software on the Internet.

  • Cancel all limitations
    At any time, you can cancel all your limitations by selecting all processes with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A, by clicking the right mouse button on the selection and clicking Normal on the topics Download and Upload the menu that s poster.


  • Lighten display
    To see more clearly among all displayed process, you can view only those currently on the Internet. Just click on the button Show online processes only at the right end of the toolbar.


  • Refine priorities
    To adjust the effectiveness of Low priority, Normal and High, click the Edit menu and click Security Level. Then move the Select Level Severity slider to increase or reduce the differences between the priorities. Finally, click Apply.




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